TEO6906-1 smallBorn in November 1976, I have spent most of my life to understand how things work, so now I have a Ph.D. in Physics. Who is a Physicist? One that knows an awful lot of things, but who cannot do almost anything. Well, I think I can do a thing: to photograph.

Why do I think to be a good photographer? Because Physics has taught me to solve problems, to take care of details without losing sight of the ensemble, to master the technique to achieve a goal and to think laterally.

I photograph architectures and still life, because I can study, understand and emphasize the subjects at best, using a slow and deep approach, where the photographer has the full control of the frame, the exposure, the light and the ambient.

Moreover, I do reportage, because the photographer looks at the life flowing in front of his eyes and he has the opportunity to freeze its essence; he must have the capacity for synthesize in order to communicate and describe an event and the feelings it creates.
The approach in the reportage is direct and quick, it is the hic et nunc, where the technique is (apparently) less important and the photographer must pre-visualize the events in order to be in the right place at the right moment.

I have collaborated with:

  • Greenpeace, documenting its spectacular nonviolent actions;
  • Bellissimo, a creative studio specialized in communication and visual design;
  • Adriano Bacchella, photographer, shooting pictures of architecture mostly for italian and international magazines;
  • Modo Eventi, events managers, for which I shot parties, weddings and events with reportage style.

I also implement my own photographic projects, that consist mostly of social and geographical reportage.

In this site you can find some of my works.
If you like my pictures and want to hire me, please feel free to contact me.